Dearest Site Visitor,
I'm Kaeya, founder of SwayPay - the one-of-a-kind payment method (like PayPal) that lets you use social media posts as currency at any online retailer.
This swag store is set up for you to try out our SwayPay checkout and see what it's all about.
Your purchase goes towards brain food (namely blueberries and almonds) for our team to keep us primed like a well oiled machine.

1. Browse our swagtastic merch. Each piece was inspired by a step in our history. Read the corresponding product info to learn the story behind it.

2. Click on the product you want to buy.

3. Right underneath the price, you should see a widget that shows the special SwayPay pricing. Ie:  "Earn 55% off when you pay with SwayPay"

4. Click on the informational circle with the "i" in it to learn more.

5. Add item(s) to your cart.

6. Navigate to your shopping cart when you're ready to checkout and click the indigo "Pay with SwayPay" button.

7. Complete checkout.

8. Follow SwayPay's Instagram account from the checkout page.

9. Post the required number of social posts within 30 days of your purchase. IF YOU DON'T, YOU WILL BE AUTO-CHARGED THE REMAINING ORDER BALANCE.

Questions/Comments/Feedback? Email support@swaypayit.com